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What do YOU want school meals to look like?

The USDA has begun accepting comments on two related school food issues:

(1)  whether schools should have “flexibility” with things like serving whole grains, and

(2) what should count as part of each school meal (also called “food crediting”).

The comment process is a little intimidating, but the links provided above make it easier and provide full context for all the issues under consideration.

Parents of students who are vegans or vegetarians might be particularly interested in the second comment opportunity, since the USDA is weighing whether things like “lentil pasta” should count as a meat alternative on its own.

And as always, the public comment period is an excellent chance to let the government know what you think about MILK in school meals.  The #1 comment we hear when we visit with parents, teachers, and students is that they’re sickened by how much milk is poured down the drain each day.  What most people don’t realize is that the National Dairy Council works very hard to make sure that milk is served in these large quantities.  Since the dairy industry is concerned only about the sale of milk to the government, they don’t care if it gets consumed or poured down the drain.

Further, dairy is now often mixed with sugar in products like yogurt and chocolate milk, and anybody who has seen the movie Fed Up knows what a disaster sugar is for our kids.  This comment period is a good time to let the USDA know whether you think sugar should be limited in school meals.

Food crediting comments are accepted until February 12, 2018.

Comments on “flexibility” on nutrition guidelines in schools are accepted until January 29, 2018.

Let your voice be heard!